Our Beef

We take pride in raising top-quality beef to please our customers' growing needs. Our cows are looked after with care. They are fed grain and all the hay they could want.

Brut cows are kept on pasture and are bred to have calves once a year. These calves remain by their momma's side for 3-4 months. They are then weaned off into a pin of their own to be finished out to a butchering weight of 1050-1350 pounds. This process usually takes 8-10 months. Our calves start out on a diet of mostly hay with a small amount of grain, then moving to a point with all the grain the calves could want.

There are no growth hormones injected into our heard. We make our own feed with corn grown on our family farm and other ingredients to achieve the proper amount of protein for their diet.

Purchase a Calf

You can purchase a butchering calf by calling me or using the form below. We also sell certified cuts of meat from our shop. We plan to have varying amounts of calves available for butchering at various times throughout the year. Please referece the table below to see what we will have available.

Month Calves
April 4
May 3
July 3
August 3
September 2
October 2
November 2
December 3
Month Calves
January 3
February 0

1/4 (one-quarter)
1/2 (one-half)
3/4 (three-quarters)