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About Kolkmeier Lawn Care & Farms

Kolkmeier Lawn Care and Kolkmeier Farms is located in Shelby County, Indiana. We are family owned and operated businesses.

Kolkmeier Farms specializes in raising beef, corn, beans, wheat, and hay to feed tomorrow's growing demand. We have been specializing in raising high-quality beef for over 15 years. We enjoy feeding our friends and neighbors, knowing that the meat we sell is healthy and delicious for your family. Nothing makes us happier than hearing a customer tell us how much better our meat is versus buying from a local food chain store. Kolkmeier Farms is operated by JD and John Kolkmeier.

Kolkmeier Lawn Care focuses on keeping your lawns and gardens bright green and freshly trimmed. Founded in 2003 by JD Kolkmeier, owner and operator, KLC provides everything from mowing to installing new lawns, mulching, landscaping, and hauling materials.

The idea of starting a mowing business all started at an early age by working outside mowing neighbors' yards. My mom took care of a few in our small town, and I worked with her. Throughout high school, my goal was to make this business take off becuase I loved what I was doing. When I got my driver's license, I picked up yards in Shelbyville and was quickly up to 22 yards. From that point, I made it a goal to own and operate a successful lawn care business, and I have done just that. I am living my childhood dream doing what I love.

Kolkmeier Lawn Care now has 6 employees who are dedicated to making our clients happy by providing the best services we can. I want to be your lawn care specialist and give you a lawn that all your neighbors will be talking about. Give me a call today, or email me. I will be happy to come out and discuss your lawn care needs and give you a free estimate.

The Shop

We sell certified cuts of beef from our shop. Our goal is to feed your family with the best and freshest cuts of meat.

To purchase meat, gives us a call and we'll be happy to arrange a time for you to stop by.